Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gran Turns 75...Can you believe it?

 This post contains some pretty special images of some pretty special people. My Mom, Linda, turned 75 this year. A milestone that she has reached with a grace and beauty that I only dream of. One of her desires was to gather her grandchildren for some pictures. And in true Krummel fashion, her grands came running. Boy, do they love her! They would do anything for her. 

You'll see that I snapped my shutter in between poses, capturing the crazy. I love my people. And I love my Mom! Happy birthday, Gran!!

 Comical Movie Star pose? Silly woman.

Well, at least Ally is ready...

Ally...still ready...

Allyson is losing her patience...

Whew!! Finally!!

The Pierce Family

What do you get when you combine deep faith, strong family loyalty and lots of fun? Well, the Pierce family, of course! This clan warms my heart! They are always a blast to be with, but even more so for me when I have my camera handy. They are pretty people, inside and out. Tim and Linda are close friends of ours and we have watched their family grow and change over the years. We gathered at the family farm and corralled the kids and the dogs! It was so fun!  Hats off to Linda for offering her idea to shoot in the hay wagon, and Jeremiah who graciously and patiently positioned it where I wanted it to be...twice! Now that's service! 
My only regret is that I didn't think to line up all the cowboy boots for a time!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Lucky Winner

A few months ago I ran a contest on my Facebook business page. It was just one of those "leave-a-comment-telling-me-your-dream-session" kind of contest. After a few days I employed "" to tell me the lucky winner. I was so excited to see this name pop up as #1! Katie McKinney, the 12 year old daughter of my lovely friend Sandy, whom I taught with when I worked at Precious Times Playschool. We decided to meet at this really cool and kinda "vintage" bridge. 
Can a bridge be vintage? Why yes, it can! As a matter of fact it's even a vintage color. I think they keep painting it aqua just to make me happy! 

Katy gave me some amazing poses, some stunning smiles and even climbed around on trees, rocks and even laid on the ground! She was willing to work! I think it paid off with a gallery of images to knock your socks off!  A big thanks to her Mom and Dad for hanging out and directing the traffic while we chased the light.