Friday, November 21, 2014

Lucky Winner

A few months ago I ran a contest on my Facebook business page. It was just one of those "leave-a-comment-telling-me-your-dream-session" kind of contest. After a few days I employed "" to tell me the lucky winner. I was so excited to see this name pop up as #1! Katie McKinney, the 12 year old daughter of my lovely friend Sandy, whom I taught with when I worked at Precious Times Playschool. We decided to meet at this really cool and kinda "vintage" bridge. 
Can a bridge be vintage? Why yes, it can! As a matter of fact it's even a vintage color. I think they keep painting it aqua just to make me happy! 

Katy gave me some amazing poses, some stunning smiles and even climbed around on trees, rocks and even laid on the ground! She was willing to work! I think it paid off with a gallery of images to knock your socks off!  A big thanks to her Mom and Dad for hanging out and directing the traffic while we chased the light. 


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Olson Family

Today I bring you one of my dearest friends and her lovely family! Eric and Kathye Olson are blessed with four amazing daughters, two very special sons-in-law and one equally amazing Grand-daughter! In this session we rounded up the whole crowd, including Eric's Mother. This family really knows how to do a photo session. Kathye cooked a great meal and invited everyone to come and eat...after they smiled for the camera, of course. :) What a blessing this family has been in my life over the years and if you know them, you can surely say the same. It was an honor to be with them on this day and to document the love and devotion that they share. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tribe of Five

Meet Ronnie and his handsome boys, PLUS his beautiful girlfriend, Cameron. What a love story this is...I wish I could share all the details, but let's just say, God brought them together at just the right time. Ron and the boys really needed some nurturing and Cameron needed a good man! Well she got a 4 for 1 deal! God is Good! I can tell the future is a bright one for this little tribe of five! Here they are posing and playing for my lens. The joy they have found together really shines through in these images.