Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Peyton June is ONE

Here we are in October, and poised to enjoy all that the fall season has to offer. Falling leaves, crackling fires, candy corn, crisp air, beautiful color and pumpkin flavored everything!!

In October of last year we welcomed our little Peyton June to our family. What a year we have had watching her grow and and learn! It's hard to believe that on Saturday she will be one year old! She has brightened our lives so much. She is a happy baby who loves the outdoors, loves to try all foods, likes music and Elmo and animals, especially dogs. She is a Mommy's girl but she loves to snuggle with Daddy at bedtime. Peyton has been walking for about 2 months and sometimes walks all the way from her door to mine! Granted, we live next door, but still. She is a thumb-sucker...she get's it honest and that's all I'll say. We love her strawberry blond hair, her blue eyes and the little gap between her front teeth. 

Here are the images from her one year photo session. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A "Sunny" Day

When my niece Allyson was little(er), she wanted a nick-name. My hubby and I had nick-named her older sister "Ce-Ce", because that was how she said her own name when she was like 2 years old. We'd say to Sydney, "What's your name again?" and she'd say, "Ce-Ce!" and we would laugh and say "Ce-Ce!" When Ally got old enough to notice she started saying "call me Ce-Ce, too!" She could tell that Sydney had a special name with us and she felt left out. Uncle Jim explained to her that we could call her "Sonny", because well, that was more fun then just "Ally"...get it? Ally--son = Sonny. Allyson wasn't convinced at first, but over time she warmed up to it and so we call her Sonny. Actually, Uncle Jim calls her that more than I do, but I like it too. 
She is a happy girl and so I always think of the name as "Sunny". 

Last week I had the opportunity to take Sunny to a Sunflower field! It was the perfect spot for her. Her beautiful face fit in perfectly with the sunflower faces and she actually ADDED beauty to the amazing and 
glorious vision of a gazillion sunflowers in 3 different fields. 

Enjoy these images from my visit to the Sunflowers. I actually visited on 2 separate days, that's why the sky looks different in a few of them. When I took Sunny the sky wasn't quite as blue and clear, but the results were just as pleasing. 

If you'd like to visit this field it's in Harford County, near Belair, 
on the corner of Hess Rd and Jarrettsville Pike. Last week it was in it's pique bloom and the weather was perfection! If you've missed it this year, be sure and go next year. I know I'll be there! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Grand-Baby Photo Up-date

The babies are growing! Peyton will be 1 on October 11 and Brooke is 19 months old this week! 
Here is a photo update. We are still enjoying wagon rides, swinging, playing bubbles, babies, dress-up, picking flowers and eating cookies and cake, (Mimi always has cookies!)
Brooke's talking like crazy, even says, "I love you", and "Bless you, Mimi", when I sneeze. 
VERY verbal and a serious thinker. Her current favorite thing is the swing. 
Peyton is walking...running really, and can kick a ball. She is so coordinated...we think she will be a great athlete. She loves books and will turn pages forever. She is always smiling!

Time is going by so fast!